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Welcome to Landscaping in New England… My website is a culmination of my 25+ years in the landscape industry and hopefully a resource of inspiration, information and guidance for home gardeners and landscapers everywhere.

Japanese Garden Under Construction in Temple, NH Japanese Garden under contruction-Temple, NH. – Landscape & photo by the author.

“My focus is on fostering inspiration for you the homeowner and home gardener, offering resources, information and guidance for all your do it yourself landscaping projects.

As the website grows I‘ll be listing my personal projects, artists, designers, landscaping plans, how-to projects, landscaping resources including my favorite nurseries and more to help make your projects as successful as they can be.” 

The cooperative extensions at the major universities exist in every state. They are a great source of information, help and inspiration for the home gardener. I’ve listed the university offices of the 6 New England states for your convenience.

Same View Temple Japanese Garden Final Stages

The photo to the left is the near completion phase of a 3 year project I did in Temple, NH. 500 yards of material was moved from the hillside behind the house to the hillside on the front side of the house to make the foundation for this extensive project.

The photo below was the latter stages of a five year landscaping and home restoration project in Hollis, NH. I designed and built the fence and gates, put the windows in the garage and sided it with quarter sawn clapboard from a small mill in Vermont. The windows were recycled from the upstairs of the main house. The other side of the garage has the other two sashes. I built the window boxes also. Tucked in behind the fence is a terraced hillside that includes, gardens, a 3 tiered water garden, stonewalls, pathways and a deck made from the recycled wood of the old deck. Several other projects were on the house including rebuilding mantels, restoring doors, windows and hardware, replacing sills and even a corner post. I also did a large drainage project before all the new landscaping was installed. I restored all the trim and moldings on the front entry, restored outside window sills, re-sided the main house and added 2oo’ of historically correct reproduction exterior crown moldings after finding one original 4′ section on the north gable of the main house. A lot was learned in those 5 years and I’m happy to share it with you.

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Custom Built Fence with Gate and Landscaping Hollis, NH Custom Built Fence w/ Gates & Landscape-Hollis, NH – Landscape & photo by site author.

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