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GelscapeWater Absorbing Crystals for plants, gardens & lawns.

Gelscape Polymer Crystals

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Now available: GELSCAPE®

Landscape New England is buying in bulk and reselling to the small consumer market. GELSCAPE® Professional is a tiny crystal polymer the size of fine salt (smaller than other larger sized crystals available) with superior mixing ability into soils of all kinds. When mixed with sand it can make sand moisture retentive. Try it on your next lawn installation, gardening project including container gardening. It even has some craft applications when added to flower arrangements with clear vases as it take food coloring very well when initially added to the water and crystal mix.
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Below is information provided by GELSCAPE®

Gelscape® is a professional, easy-to-use granular polymer for turf and landscape and is an exceptional blend of organic polymers, rendered insoluable by a superior crosslinking method.  It has the ability to reversibly absorb and desorb up to 500 times its weight in water, and more than 150 times its weight in standard fertilizer solution. It contains NO fertilizers.

  • As an additive, Gelscape®  increases the water- holding capacity while it improves aeration and drainage of soils. 
  • When properly hydrated, Gelscape® protects turf, sod, trees and shrubs against water stress damage caused by under or over-watering. 
  • Gelscape® increases plant survival by reducing transplant shock and acting as a soil buffer. 
  • The consistent, reliable moisture release from Gelscape® improves rate and speed of grass seed germination. 
  • Gelscape® aids in the absorption of excess moisture to help maintain good drainage, adequate soil oxygen levels, and prevention of root-rot. 
  • Gelscape® has a patented hydrophobic coating which prevents lumping, and makes its application possible even under moist conditions. 
  • As a dry, free flowing crystal, Gelscape® is compatible with granular fertilizers, grass seed, and other granular products. 
  • Gelscape® is easy to use in tank mixes, injection units, sprayers, and overseeders. 
  • Gelscape® is non-corrosive. 
  • Gelscape® is friendly to our environment.


On-line via PDF on this site:

Material Safety Data Sheet on GELSCAPE®

MSDS Gelscape Professional 4.16.14

More on Gelscape:

Product FeaturesProtects plants against water stress damage caused by too much or too little water – major causes of plant loss.

  • Releases water while you’re away, allowing for better survival. 
  • With Gelscape®, your plants will need less frequent waterings. 
  • Helps in the quick establishment of trees and shrubs. 
  • Encourages quicker grass seed germination. 
  • Gelscape® is environmentally safe and fun to use.
For Homeowners & Gardeners

  • Gelscape® is to be mixed or incorporated into any type of soil or soilless mix (such as peat). 
  • To obtain the full benefits from Gelscape®  you have to first activate the crystals by thoroughly watering the soil mix to which you have added the Gelscape®.  This will make the crystals swell into “gel chunks.” 
  • By using Gelscape® whenever you plant, you can reduce watering frequency and protect your plants against water stress damage.




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